The 21rst Century Relevance of Halloween

By Elizabeth Cucnik on October 27, 2011

That day has come.  We are in the present of a future only imagined in science fiction novels and comic books from decades past, a respective conclusion of Fritz Lang’s 1927 vision.  Westernization has become the Metropolis in which we live – the well-oiled, fire-breathing machine that feeds off the blood, sweat and tears of […]

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Vintage Is Indeed, Back In Vogue: THE WEDDING SHOW brings haute-couture sophistication and sensibility to Penticton

By Elizabeth Cucnik on October 18, 2011

There are ideas and movements, and then, there are those ideas and movements that invoke epic sensibilities for deep-rooted change. Change and revolutionary change happen daily – within our homes, in our hearts and minds, en mass in parliaments and city halls, in corporate offices and media centers – within the very entity of globalisation. It’s this […]

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Rethinking Thanksgiving Beyond the Turkey

By vancreative on October 5, 2011

Why does the translation of autumn generously lend itself to a season of “giving thanks” and what exactly does that mean to us in our modern day society?  Surely it was more relevant during humanity’s rudimentary epochs of war, systemic political and religious oppression and exploitation, feudalism, famine and rationing, plague, subsistence agriculture, and pre-industrial […]

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