New Years Resolutions…

By Elizabeth Cucnik on December 30, 2011

There’s something to be said about the idea of starting anew, especially in the context of the New Year.  An initiative wrought with prophetic understanding and restored faithfulness; the idea of the New Year and its call for resolutions blows the wind that drives our sails.  Apart from the customary observances of fireworks, silly hat-wearing, […]

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Charity Begins At The Penticton Lakeside…

By Elizabeth Cucnik on December 12, 2011

The art of giving is rarely honed and crafted to such collaborative altruistic tenor, as it is at Christmas.  Tis’ a true wonder to behold: this call to action that nourishes a restorative faith in mankind.  What invokes this stirring spirit of benevolence?  Maybe it’s the spices in our drinks, the extra butter and cream […]

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