Preserving the Fruits of Our Labor

Understanding our food is primarily about understanding ourselves.  Food is cultural, food is historic, and food is at the essence of being.  We really are what we eat. Food preservation ranks high on the list when it comes to honesty in health.  Fundamental for the future of a vigorous society and the salubrious individual, both of which labor to make the other complete, home food preservation is synonymous with well-being.

Food preservation speaks to us from two very important perspectives.  One is the preservation of food integrity, by understanding what goes into the food we eat and thus returning to a holistic “real food” diet.  Such way of life dictates that eggs and milk should be whole and fresh, beef should be grass-fed and orange juice should be raw.  Despite imitation being the trademark of industrial food, we are beginning to see a shift in consumerist thinking - a revolution in the way we shop, approach our food, eat and live.  Post-modernism drives transparency, to put the control back in the hands of the consumer.  Understanding our food, by way of our ancestral heritages, reconnecting with the earth, and rooting out greater wisdoms and peace found at the heart of holistic living, is where we can reclaim the thrust of our livelihood.  This growing awareness about food processing, handling, and packaging has created a rising demand for real, natural unprocessed food, the best of which can be made right in our very own kitchen.

The second equally important perspective on food preservation is the sheer reality of economy and convenience.  Preserving our own food, (whether grown in our private gardens, taken straight from the farmer’s hands, or off the shelves of the local supermarket), means one can have access to many variety of food throughout the seasons, without having to have it shipped thousands of miles.  Moreover, if economies must be made, preserving our own food helps to relieve food budgets.

The deeply romantic and equally thrilling imagery that accompanies notions of real food, organic, environmental, and homemade, seems to come from nostalgia of a simpler life: what raw, hole, real food can actually come to represent.  Living off the land is no longer a poor man’s lot, but is something of a luxury, as if growing one’s own tomatoes is in itself, a kind of rite of passage and picking wild berries to make family jams and preserves is some great unprecedented victory.  In a way, they are just that.  Each time we chose to produce, cook, and preserve our own food we are triumphing over the comprehensive industrial food system, taking that emancipating rite of passage from ignorance to cognizance, repression to self-governance.  However while the luxury of real food is synonymous with peaceful existence, it becomes a luxury many of us must make room to provide.  The days of frozen-dinners, ravioli-in-a-can, pizza pops and fruit roll-ups are numbered. One can freeze, ferment, can, dry or even vacuum seal vegetables, herbs, fruits, meats and grains. Dehydrating, smoking, sun-drying, air-drying and baking are all forms of food preservation that can easily be done at home.  The revolution starts right in our own kitchen and is carried by the work of our freezers, jars, pressure cookers, crocks, dehydrators, juicers, stovetops and ovens.

There is a something profoundly satisfying about enjoying the fruits of one’s own labor, (quite literally).  Perhaps it reminds us that personal creation is integral to self-conception and peace, whereby food is the projection of one’s identity.  While the industrial food system seems to expropriate the integrity of humanity by devaluing, and externalizing the individual, a necessary return to natural, holistic food and home food preservation, transcends food from being a commodity of monetary exchange, to the priceless product of one’s own labor.  Let your food speak for you.

-Elizabeth Cucnik

Celebrating Okanagan's Seasonal Sensibilities...

Penticton Lakeside ResortThe Okanagan way of life is written by the laws of simplicity: a crisp glass of wine, the sounds of waves lapsing a beach, sunshine on the face, the resonance of laughter, brilliant sunsets of crimson and gold, the rich framework of natural beauty, and freshwater lakes serenaded by sunshine.  An oasis of seasonal integrity and natural grace by way of rustic, unexploited appeal, the scene takes us back to the art of living, by which we can find a sense of self amidst the repose of all that abounds.  Expanding panoramas stretching along an endless linear beauty makes for the perfect refuge for all those seeking glory in sunshine, courage in untapped resource and a return to wholesome organic living by way of fresh foods, wine and produce.  What better way to enjoy the delights of the season in Canada’s summer playground, than right here at the Penticton Lakeside Resort?  We bring Okanagan life right to you, with world-class waterfront patios, beaches, entertainment, a selection of dining choices and menus, luxury suites, summer activities and more.

Our private beach offers exclusive access to summer food favorites and cool refreshing blended cocktails is blissful.  Three outdoor lakeside patios deliver mouth-watering food choices that cater to your every craving, whether it is a light snack or a hearty feast among friends and family.  It’s far too easy to lose oneself among sweeping scenes of exotic clay cliffs, drumlins, desert pine, sage and sparkling waters, which effortlessly inspire a decadent pastime.  At the Penticton Lakeside Resort we celebrate the simple majesty of life in the South Okanagan, by way of sophisticated, intimate, fun and truly exciting experiences. Bufflehead Pasta and Tapas Room

This summer, come and relax on our private family beach, where the beach bar services your every need via a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as hot and cold food served daily.  Sit out on one of our three waterfront patios, at the Barking Parrot, the Bufflehead Pasta and Tapas Room or the Hooded Merganser, and take in the simple delights of good food, great atmosphere, and breathtaking views.  While Penticton remains a paradigm of summer, why not come and partake in the thrust of its season at one of the most celebrated destination resorts.  Summer is just around the corner and the memories are waiting to happen.

-Elizabeth Cucnik

The Penticton Vees Dig Deep To Shoot High

The Penticton Vees have had an incredibly memorable year, having generated the best regular season in BCHL history, winning fifty-four games, including a CJHL record forty-two game winning streaks.  To date, the Vees, as a team, have picked up five trophies on their way to the RBC Cup Championship in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, having won the Ron Boileau Trophy (Regular Season Pennant), Ryan Hatfield Memorial Trophy (Interior Conference Championship), Fred Page Cup (BCHL Championship), Mowat Cup (BC Provincial Jr. ‘A’ Champions) and the Doyle Cup (BC-Alberta Championship).

The Vees, described as a “juggernaut team,” are now in search of glory at the Royal Bank Cup.  Toppled by the host Humboldt Broncos in 3-2 overtime on Sunday, they entered Day 4 of the tournament Tuesday night, when they succeeded in a 2-1 win over the Woodstock Slammers.  The win is the Vees (1-2) first of the tournament and advances them in a four-way tie for second place.  The Vees fans are waiting with bated breath; perhaps inspiring what optimists hope will be a win for tonight’s game to keep the Vees in the thrust of the tournament as giants of the minor hockey league.  While the imminent pressure of these games is immense for all (the franchise, the organization, the teams and staff involved as well as those invested fans, friends and family), regardless of the season’s overall standing, the Vees are no less than true champions, carrying the torch of unprecedented success.  Online commentary for the Penticton Vees has called for a “rolling up the sleeves and getting hands dirty” to help orchestrate a strong offense that may lead us to assured triumph.  With eyes only for the net in sight and the winning goal that will put Penticton directly into the sports spotlight, indeed the crowds’ cheer on, as the arenas flood with an uproar of devotion, enthusiasm and anticipation.

We are incredibly excited for our juggernaut team, who has dominated this season with remarkable victories and excitable games.  Standing upon the precipice, we take a deep breath in to ease the pressure of this pinnacle moment and simply indulge in the thunder that follows victory.  As fans, we let the tenet, live and let live, chorus throughout the stadium, echoing in the minds of sports fans and athletes alike, to remember that at the end of the day, it is about enjoying the skill and the pace of the sport, and to celebrate true athleticism and the brilliance of teamwork. Go Vees Go!

-Elizabeth Cucnik