Is Gun Control Necessary or Not?

By Elizabeth Cucnik on January 21, 2013

Throughout the world, firearm ownership and gun control remains a point of contention among politicians, activists and civilians alike.   A manifold complex of various interconnected issues, the debate over the role of guns in society, works to polarize and divide based on fundamental values and belief systems that are, for the most part, carved in […]

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Are We Simply Spinning The Human Hamster Wheel of Time?

By Elizabeth Cucnik on January 7, 2013

  The all-too-familiar idiom, “time flies,” or its less common Latin counterpart, Tempus Fugit, is not just a fanciful way of describing the passing of time, whereby one can envisage time as a sort of number or clock that seemingly floats around on a pair of cartoonish, cherub wings.  The reality is far less provincial.  […]

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