Penticton Lakeside ResortThe Okanagan way of life is written by the laws of simplicity: a crisp glass of wine, the sounds of waves lapsing a beach, sunshine on the face, the resonance of laughter, brilliant sunsets of crimson and gold, the rich framework of natural beauty, and freshwater lakes serenaded by sunshine.  An oasis of seasonal integrity and natural grace by way of rustic, unexploited appeal, the scene takes us back to the art of living, by which we can find a sense of self amidst the repose of all that abounds.  Expanding panoramas stretching along an endless linear beauty makes for the perfect refuge for all those seeking glory in sunshine, courage in untapped resource and a return to wholesome organic living by way of fresh foods, wine and produce.  What better way to enjoy the delights of the season in Canada’s summer playground, than right here at the Penticton Lakeside Resort?  We bring Okanagan life right to you, with world-class waterfront patios, beaches, entertainment, a selection of dining choices and menus, luxury suites, summer activities and more.

Our private beach offers exclusive access to summer food favorites and cool refreshing blended cocktails is blissful.  Three outdoor lakeside patios deliver mouth-watering food choices that cater to your every craving, whether it is a light snack or a hearty feast among friends and family.  It’s far too easy to lose oneself among sweeping scenes of exotic clay cliffs, drumlins, desert pine, sage and sparkling waters, which effortlessly inspire a decadent pastime.  At the Penticton Lakeside Resort we celebrate the simple majesty of life in the South Okanagan, by way of sophisticated, intimate, fun and truly exciting experiences. Bufflehead Pasta and Tapas Room

This summer, come and relax on our private family beach, where the beach bar services your every need via a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as hot and cold food served daily.  Sit out on one of our three waterfront patios, at the Barking Parrot, the Bufflehead Pasta and Tapas Room or the Hooded Merganser, and take in the simple delights of good food, great atmosphere, and breathtaking views.  While Penticton remains a paradigm of summer, why not come and partake in the thrust of its season at one of the most celebrated destination resorts.  Summer is just around the corner and the memories are waiting to happen.

-Elizabeth Cucnik