Fathers are incredibly special.They are that thundering voice of strength and endurance echoing from the deep, the infrastructure of our families, the directional maps of our lives.Fathers are the wisdom that breathes fire into our hearts to quicken our step.Fathers propel us forward into battle, reinforcing our armour, standing with us, side by side, to bear arms together against humanity’s greatest struggles and fears.Fathers do not tell us how to live, they simply show us, an understanding worth more than the sum education of a thousand teachers. Fatherhood transcends prejudices, beliefs, culture and time – it is universal and unfailing. A renowned perennial truth championed by many throughout the ages, is that flesh and blood does not make us fathers and daughters or fathers and sons, rather it is the heart that truly defines fatherhood.

What better way to celebrate and honour the profound paternal bonds of fatherhood and the great influence of father figures in today’s society, then by spending quality time with your special loved one at our BBQ buffet dinner on the Bufflehead beach and patio! It’s a Father’s Day extravaganza happening at The Penticton Lakeside Resort & Casino, Sunday, June 19th – an event you won’t want to miss!Our BBQ buffet dinner includes your choice of a salmon, steak or chicken burger with a salad bar selection and deserts for only $21 plus tax.Unwind and enjoy the beautiful setting of Lake Okanagan while joining in the fun and games with putting green contests and lots of different prizes to be won, including a luxurious backyard hammock – the perfect gift for your dad that will cater to those lazy summer afternoons and evenings.Families can relax and play on the beach, so bring your bathing suits! Reservations are going quickly, so call us at: 250-493-9768 after 4pm to make yours today!