There’s something to be said about the idea of starting anew, especially in the context of the New Year.  An initiative wrought with prophetic understanding and restored faithfulness; the idea of the New Year and its call for resolutions blows the wind that drives our sails.  Apart from the customary observances of fireworks, silly hat-wearing, clinking and clanking and midnight kissing, the heralding of a new Gregorian calendar year means more than just a “good time.”  New Years inspires a moral impetus for peaceful resolve, goodwill to all and the realignment of sensibilities gone astray.  Whilst Auld Lang Syne speaks to us from the depths of human experience, we are reminded of this wholesale need for novelty: the need for beginnings, the need for tolerance, forgiveness and healing, as well as the need for legacy in friendship, family and love.  New Years is our cairn of stones, marking an objective reference point from which we can trail our evolution and make sense of ourselves in the vast expanse of experience.  And so we usher in 2012 as our newest landmark, with a slew of resolutions to lead us to a superior vision of tomorrow. These resolutions, however small or large, help to create the foundation for our future relief and renewal, enlivening sluggish spirits to turn our slow, burning flame into a fury of wildfire that propels change and directs development.  Even though this New Year’s Eve may pass like any other night, without a break in the march of the universe, none of us will quite feel the same.  We will feel different somehow… changed.  Something inside us will begin to stir, awakening a laden confidence with which we can overcome the challenges and responsibilities of daily life.  And as we watch the cairn of stones rise and fall on the horizon, we begin to appreciate the constant variable of change framed by powerful resolution, in which the world will never again be the same as it is right now… as it is with each passing moment, as it will be on New Year’s Day.

-Elizabeth Cucnik