South Okanagan Gems…

By vancreative on July 29, 2011

The South Okanagan is a true summer sanctuary, world renowned and matchless in its unfeigned diversities, its expanding panorama, natural resources and organic produce. It is a place of refuge for those seeking glory in sunshine, courage in untapped beauty, lightness of heart in the buoyancy of our fresh waters, and hearty satisfaction spirited by […]

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The X-Files Of The South Okanagan

By vancreative on July 13, 2011

The invoking, alien landscape of White Lake, just beyond our quaint, outwardly undisturbed, unassuming borders of Penticton, echoes a dark, unnamed, indefinite mystery. It is, regardless of what people say and what it is “deemed to be”, deeply mysterious and truly alien – a befitting sentiment for the centre of Canada’s astrophysical research and development. […]

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Is There Anything More Spectacular…!?

By vancreative on July 8, 2011

Is there anything more spectacular than sitting on a private beach with exclusive access to summer food favourites, cooling down with a freshly blended creamy pina colada or a refreshing mint-infused mohito, while indulging in a decadent display of gourmet nachos and wings? What about the simple pleasure of dining out on one of our […]

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