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    The lakeside staff

    Our team is made up of strong and passionate individuals dedicated to making your stay the best it can be, whether you’re travelling domestically or arriving internationally. We love every unique aspect of the Penticton Lakeside Resort & Conference Centre — from the locally-grown food served in our restaurants, to the friendly guest services, to our expansive lakeview suites — and we work hard to keep it that way! We hope you enjoy your time at the Penticton Lakeside Resort & Conference Centre as much as we do.

    Elizabeth Cucnik

    General Manager



    Embracing a deep rooted passion and interest in people and hospitality, Elizabeth has always been drawn to what defines memorable, unique experience and guest service.  Having spent the better part of 20 years working in the hospitality industry, learning as much as she can from her hotelier father and mentor, Elizabeth is focused on pursuing that legacy with continued passion and dedication.

    Brannigan Mosses

    Brannigan Mosses

    Assistant General Manager



    The ever-evolving hospitality & tourism industry offers new opportunities daily which encourages an innovative mind. Brannigan strives to keep a fresh perspective on how the Resort can continue to develop and maximize guest satisfaction, loyalty, employee development, and revenue. Welcoming familiar and new faces to the Resort, working alongside a creative team, and being situated on the shores of Okanagan Lake, are a few of the things that keep her motivated, engaged, and looking forward to the start of each day.

    Jamie Moore

    Jamie Moore

    Hooded Merganser & Bufflehead Restaurants Manager



    Jamie epitomizes the classic story of “working up through the ranks” as he started his career at the Resort as a Busser in the Barking Parrot. His comprehension of food and beverage in the hospitality industry is amazing — especially in such an ever-changing field. He is always up to the challenge to provide a great customer experience.

    Chris Thibodeau

    Barking Parrot Manager



    Managing Penticton’s Hot Spot, Chris is always up-to-date with the latest and craziest of entertainment, sports, and parties at the Barking Parrot! For years, Chris has had his eye on the latest trends and happenings in and around the Penticton area, and is always looking for better ways to keep the bar fresh.

    Susan Selles

    Susan Selles

    Group Sales Manager



    27-years experience in the Hospitality industry has enabled Susan to do the best she can when educating guests on the Okanagan Valley. Working closely with tours and groups ensures each visitor has an optimum experience and the ability to travel like a local British Columbian on their Okanagan Valley vacation.

    Samantha Tadey

    Samantha Tadey

    Director of Events



    Sam has 15-years experience in management and has been a part of the Resort’s family for over 5 years, maturing through the restaurant division into marketing and now sales and events. She enjoys all of the new and familiar people she gets to work with and the various events she gets to help plan & organize. In addition to organizing various events, Sam is your go-to for wedding and special event bookings.

    Keith Corbett

    Director of Food & Beverage



    Overseeing all things food & beverage at the Resort is by no means an easy task, but with a keen eye for detail, and unwavering determination, Keith gets it done. His strong emphasis on staff training, customer service, product knowledge, and ever-adapting policies & procedures allow him to create magic out of chaos.

    Aaron Armstrong

    Executive Chef



    Chef Aaron Armstrong is a standing veteran of the Resort for 10+ years. He has great enthusiasm in his desires to elevate the food and beverage experience for all guests. His get-it-done attitude paired with a breadth of knowledge on the Okanagan culinary scene allow him to thrive in the unique and ever-changing environment at the Resort.

    Pong Kulvattanarom - Reservation Manager

    Pong Kulvattanarom

    Reservations Manager



    Ensuring that hotel reservations run smoothly is all in a days’ work for Pong. He has worked in the hospitality industry for almost 30 years and in various departments such as information technology and front desk operations. Pong enjoys working and interacting with many different types of people from all over the world and takes on any challenge with a radiant attitude.

    Dan Vichitthavong

    Head Chef of the Hooded Merganser


    Better known as Chef “V”, Dan has extensive experience in the culinary world stretching from the busy streets of Toronto all the way to the vibrant foodie culture of Vancouver. His vision is to bring a fresh, new, and vibrant approach to the menu by showcasing the Resort’s very own Valley View Farm, and by working with the bounty of products and suppliers here in the Okanagan. As such is his love for food, so it is for nectarines and country music.

    Anne Ross

    Anne Ross




    Anne started work at the Resort at the end of 1982, the year the Resort opened! She oversees all the accounting on site including a payroll that doubles in sun season. Anne’s attention for detail and good business practices keeps all the pieces together in an orderly fashion. We won’t talk about her whistling…

    Nancy Cansdale

    Nancy Cansdale

    Executive Housekeeper



    In a 273 guestrooms/suites Hotel plus restaurants, bars and a conference centre, the Housekeeping Department is a buzzing hive of activity. Always working to daily sensitive deadlines, Nancy leads her Housekeeping staff and pulls off some amazing feats of remarkable balancing for our local and international travelling guests and patrons of the Resort. She may be small in stature, but she’s a mighty powerhouse of an Executive Housekeeper!

    Steve Lloyd

    Steve Lloyd

    Maintenance Manager


    Over the last 20+ years, Steve has learned the intimate workings of every square inch of our Resort. His accomplished understanding of all the trades, has helped him oversee the huge year 2000 renovation, the 2004 geo-thermal installation, the construction of the Hooded Merganser and the Marina, and multiple other projects. He now faces the challenge of our new 70-room tower. Steve’s grasp of the inner complexities of the Resort allows everybody to rest easy while he and his staff work at getting the jobs done.

    Kelsey Ballingall

    Front Office Manager


    Kelsey’s experience at the Resort spans over a decade on the front desk and in the administrative department. Her passion is providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for each guest by putting her care & concern for individuals and her knowledge of the property & surrounding areas to good use. The Front Office team is dedicated to providing service that goes above and beyond to create a positive and memorable experience for each guest.