If you haven’t yet attended the Bacchanalia Festival, allow us to summarize the scene: a glorious spring evening at the Penticton Lakeside Resort & exclusively dedicated to exquisite food, prepared by our Executive Chef, Chris Remmingtom and his culinary team, coupled with extraordinary wine tastings from 50 award winning wineries from across the Okanagan. The space is abuzz with locals, wine connoisseurs, world class vintners, wine critics, and those who simply come out to enjoy what they’ve always loved: a simple, uncomplicated glass of savoury goodness. Bacchanalia is a much anticipated, one-night-only event, featured at the centre of the Okanagan Spring Wine Festival. It echoes the historical wine festivals throughout the millennia, which traditionally celebrated the Greco-Roman god, Bacchus, and recalls the universal celebration of wine, while inspiring the senses and indulging in the flavours of the past present and future. The Bacchanalia Festival brings together the ancient art of winemaking and the spectacle of modern day wine in the world renown, prestigious Okanagan valley. Rated the number one wine festival event in the Okanagan by participating wineries, this is a one-off chance to test new products and try over 200 wines! The event begins at 7pm, this Saturday, May 7th. Tickets are $70 plus tax and sell out quickly. We hope to see you at the most iconic wine festival event of the year!

2011 Bacchanalia Wine Festival Banner