There is nothing more dramatically beautiful then the raw vision of nature working within the parameters of its own perfection.  What better way to appreciate the great Canadian north, then to spend a moment gazing at the nesting osprey and their young as they charge through the air like lions of the sky, with their extensive intimidating two meter wing span, their fierce regal profiles, their hunting eyes, their cunning and clever movements of purpose.  The osprey has come to live seasonally once again at the nest we built and maintained, along the Okanagan Lake shoreline, which extends along the backside of our hotel, opposite the Barking Parrot Bar.   The tall impressive nesting structure stands as a testament to the osprey’s will and power, a signifier of strength and determination and it is here that they share with us a glimpse into their incredible life!  Osprey, also known as the sea hawk or fish eagle, is a diumal, a bird whose main diet staple is fish.  Their distinguishable markings make them easy to identify with a brown upper body, a primarily greyish head and under parts and a black patch around the eye and wings.   While the Osprey’s diet consist almost wholly of fish, it has developed particular physical characteristics and demonstrates unique behaviour to support in the hunting and catching of prey – a wonder of nature which you will be able to see from our restaurants and Lakeview rooms!  Our May Long Weekend patios are open and in full swing, a fabulous place to spend some time in the brilliant sunshine with a cold beverage and excellent food while observing these magnificent birds.  Watch as they hover majestically above the water after having sighted prey from up to forty meters above, upon which the bird will either dramatically plunge feet first into the water in an attempt to catch a fish with the severe clutch of its fierce talons, or it will dive gracefully into the water, its highly evolved closable nostrils designed to keep the water out.  The osprey is a celebrated bird which has been referenced throughout human history as a symbol of strength, honour and courage.  Upon watching them first hand, up close and personal, one can truly understand the allure these birds have had on humanity throughout the ages, and the strong pull they continue to have on us today.

– Elizabeth Cucnik