Travelling to Penticton is convenient from nearly anywhere in Washington State, with a drive time of approximately five and half hours from Seattle, and daily flights that run under an hour and a half.

Unparalleled views and affordable accommodations are just a 6-hour drive from Seattle.

Can’t wait that long to get here? Take a flight directly from Seattle to the Kelowna airport, and enjoy a scenic 50-minute drive around Okanagan lake. Total travel time: 2 hours.

Flights run daily from Seattle to Kelowna, cutting total travel time by a third.

To help our continental companions discover the heart of the Okanagan, we’ve put together this handy itinerary describing an affordable and rewarding adventure that arrives at the luxurious accommodations of Penticton Lakeside Resort & Conference Centre.

Driving to Penticton: The Scenic Route

Penticton is the destination but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the journey. Our proposed itinerary is slightly longer than 6 hours (by 20 minutes) but it’s filled with scenic views and enjoyable stops along the way.

What to see on your drive from Seattle and Penticton

First stop: Leavenworth — Get a taste of European-design with buildings & food that will make you believe you’ve arrived at the Alps. Washington’s Bavarian-style village is nestled in the Cascade Mountains and sits on the often rapid Wenatchee River. Keep an eye out for eagles and osprey soaring above!

USA or Europe — can you tell the difference?

Next up: Brewster and Lake Pateros — Fed from the Columbia River, Lake Pateros is a perfect spot (just over half way) to stretch, grab a coffee, or take a quick dip in the cool waters.

Take a break and jump into the cool waters of the Columbia River near Lake Pateros. Next stop, Canada!

Getting to the border: what to expect — From Brewster and Lake Pateros, you can drive up highway 97 through scenic farmlands and vineyards until arriving at the border of the USA and Canada. Have a friendly chat with the Canadian border agent as you pass through — the crossing is open 24-hours and rarely has a wait time over 15 minutes. 

The border crossing at Oroville-Osoyoos is located directly beside the southern portion of Osoyoos Lake.

Penticton: one hour to go  — Welcome to Canada! You only have a short distance to go. Drive passed South Okanagan grasslands, through the quaint town of Oliver, and alongside stunning Skaha Lake until arriving at the front doors of your luxurious accommodations, Penticton Lakeside Resort & Conference Centre.

No matter what your preferred method of travel is, Penticton is just a short trip away. 

After arriving, it’s important that you know how to make the most of your time — even if it’s on a shoestring budget. Check out our next post covering Penticton’s best free activities to learn what to do. After, of course, you’ve unpacked your luggage and spent a few hours relaxing by the lake.