What is Father’s Day without a handful of jokes, a couple of winks and nudges, crinkles around smiling eyes and a warm hand hugging the shoulder?  Fatherhood can be a giant force in our lives to raise us to great heights or bring us back down to solid ground. For some, our fathers have been the lighted beacons of foggier nights that have directed sails to safer shores.  For others, fathers are the reality of a bigger world within which we strive to gain respect, integrity and individuality.  Whatever our fathers come to represent in our lives, one thing is certain – fatherhood is an integral part of our general experience, framing the psychology of our times and the mantra of our evolution.  Celebrating Father’s Day allows us to give thanks not just to the people of our lives, but also to ourselves, to society at large, and for posterity.

This year we want to celebrate the transcendence of parentage, and all it has come to mean and represent, with an exclusive Father’s Day dinner special at the Bufflehead Pasta and Tapas Room, Sunday, June 17th.  Featured on our outdoor lakeside patio, with fabulous panoramic views of the Okanagan valley, live music and entertainment by the Steve Jones Band, coupled by a succulent BBQ buffet, fun games, prize giveaways and more, it sure to exceed dad’s expectations!  Reservations go quickly, so be sure to make yours by calling us at: 250-493-9768.  Father’s Day is all about keeping it personal and reminiscent, whereby we acknowledge, reflect and celebrate the true heroes of our lives. To all fathers out there – have a delightful, heart-warming Father’s Day.  This one’s for you.

-Elizabeth Cucnik


After studying at both the University of British Columbia and the University of London, England, Elizabeth has worked in both the publishing and hospitality industries in both Canada and Europe for the past several years. Having returned to her native land in 2010 to raise a family, Elizabeth currently works from home as a blogger, freelance writer, and journalist.