View from patio of Ogopogo swimming

The Okanagan's Friendly Neighborhood Sea Monster: Is it Real?

View from patio of Ogopogo swimming

Penticton: known for wine, lakes and... a sea monster?

Often considered the Loch Ness Monster’s Canadian sibling, Ogopogo is moving up in the ranks as one of the world’s most elusive sea monsters. With a seemingly permanent residency in the Okanagan Lake, Ogopogo has become a nearly century old mystery, filled with unclear sightings and international intrigue. With a name that means ‘lake demon’ in the Native Salish tongue, Ogopogo definitely has the allure and uneasiness required to become a world-renowned sea monster.

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Summer Wine Tourism In The Penticton Lake Area

Summer Wine Tours in Penticton Lake AreaIn the heart of British Columbia, the Penticton Lake area offers some of the most spectacular wine tourism around. This part of Canada offers you as much sun as Hawaii or southern California, which is why it is home to acres of fruit orchards—especially vinyards. The Penticton Lake area is part of the “Napa Valley of Canada,” so spending some of your summer sunshine time here sampling hand-crafted wines is a sure bet.

Planning Your Trip

To start out and plan your trip, visit the Penticton and Wine Country Visitor Centre. There you'll find listings for more than 40 wineries in the immediate area—none more than a 20 minute drive from central Penticton. You can also take advantage of the Vintners Quality Alliance boutique which offers wine-tasting tutorials.

Another great tool for planning is the British Columbia tourism board, which calls the Penticton area “the heart” of the Canadian wine scene. The board lists almost 50 different wine tours in the area.Read more