Let’s toast to another successful Okanagan Fest-of-Ale!  With incredible food, a motley crowd of people from all across the Okanagan, first-rate entertainment, colourful booths and an outstanding selection of North American beers to sample and enjoy, this year’s fest was a must on the bucket list! With the sunny season just around the corner, Fest-of-Ale trumpets the arrival of everything summer sensational, serenading a slew of upcoming events that consolidates a broader social community within the South Okanagan.  That brings us to this week’s topic of discussion: eating out and the culture of dining experience.

Now and then it’s a comfort not having to fuss over the cooking process, refraining from the mechanics of food experience in order to indulge in the experience of food itself. Food at a restaurant seems predisposed to taste better than food prepared at home. Strip us of our responsibilities and mandates, even just for a moment, and we are free to enjoy ourselves without the burden of contingencies.  Of course, it’s not to say that home-cooked meals aren’t some of the best to be had; yet there is something profound about the idea of “dining out” that extends to a more sentimental and integrated philosophy.  We like to think that “savoury” is not just a word to describe food, but a word to describe the experience food embodies, and it’s one of those words that comes to mind when attempting to illustrate what dining out actually means.

Our Bufflehead Tapas and Pasta Room is a place where fine food and experience converge.  The relaxed, warm ambiance of the dining room allows you to get away without feeling too far from home.  Throughout the seasons, we have shared many glorious nights with guests either lounging in front of the fireplace or sitting out on the patios, el fresco, under a fading dusk. The dining room, a bold statement juxtaposing subtle modernism with traditional accents, is a call back to a more classical era of swanky postwar European lounges and bohemian-esque bistros in trendy urban boroughs.  To put it plainly, The Bufflehead Tapas and Pasta Room transcends.  As a blend of old and new, it appeals to a myriad of tastes, preferences and experiences.

The idea behind tapas and pasta is a way of eating that simply makes sense. In today’s society, and especially in North America, we’ll posit to say that many of us have lost that social, interactive and cherished aspect of food.  Too many of us are too busy to take a moment to laugh with a loved one over a decadent dessert, ponder life with each deliberate twist of spaghetti, explore a range of flavours while indulging in conversationally-charged evenings with family and friends, or lounge quietly with an intimate glass of wine, just enjoying the beauty of each moment for what it is.  Pasta and tapas is a culinary ethos that inspires the deliciously rustic, historical and collective – a return to the basics – where fresh, back country ingredients encourage conversation and multifaceted experience, making every bite just that much more delectable.

This coming June will be The Bufflehead’s one year anniversary!  We have had a successful year, and look forward to the buzz of the summer, with many upcoming events and occasions to commemorate.  The Penticton Lakeside Resort’s new Executive Chef, Chris Remmington, has launched a revised menu this week, featuring fresh vegetables with a roast garlic and herb dip, a selection of cured meats with house-made pickles and cheeses, crab stuffed mushrooms, pesto chicken pizzette, Italian ribs, lasagne turkey Bolognese, spinach and goat cheese salad and jumbo south pacific prawns, to name just a few.  Additionally, we have a fabulous scotch selection and are introducing a newly expanded wine menu, which will feature award winning wines worldwide and from across the Okanagan Valley.  Come and be a part of Girlfriend’s Night Out, a weekly event on Wednesday evenings, where we celebrate local businesses, with many draw prizes and luxury giveaways!  What is more, our 2 for 1 tapas and featured wine and martini make it the perfect night to indulge with colleagues, friends and family!  So for anyone who truly enjoys eating out, and who seeks to explore and contribute to the dimensional, comprehensive and epic aspect of food experience, come and partake in a little piece of worldly sophistication at an affordable price, right at your doorstep!

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Culture of Dining Experience


Culture of Dining Experience Penticton


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