There are ideas and movements, and then, there are those ideas and movements that invoke epic sensibilities for deep-rooted change. Change and revolutionary change happen daily – within our homes, in our hearts and minds, en mass in parliaments and city halls, in corporate offices and media centers – within the very entity of globalisation. It’s this need and appeal for change that defines who we are, while ideas and movements create the motion of our humanity. Fashion is not only a movement of change via protest, resistance, creation, and innovation; it may arguably be the single greatest reference point for reviewing and understanding the humanities. For fashion is to culture what war is to revolution.

When attempting to understand the true significance of what a place and business like Vintage & Vogue brings to our town, through the world of fashion, we must first understand the significance of fashion. As a generic term, Fashion is used for distinguishing popular style, practice and current trends in the look and dress up of a person. While humanity is an appeal to lateral thinking, a creative multidimensional process that moves neither forward nor backward, it’s important to take note that what is current and popular, is also historical and archival. Fashion is a direct reflection of this mode de vie. 

Developments in fashion throughout history, often occurred during times of social and economic change, and through trans-cultural diffusion, (the profound spread of cultural items through an exchange of ideas via travel, exploration, religion, war and trade). Therefore, contemporary academics use fashion as a means for dating, analyzing and understanding the history and relevance of the humanities. Fashion allows us to rethink the current pop-culture, positing: what’s trendy today and why? A rising interest in vintage clothing, for example, reiterates the need for a 21rst century environmental sustainability: to reuse, recycle and repair, rather than promote this throw-away society by means of excessive production of short-lived items. Vintage is back in vogue, as we rethink over-consumption with a return to quality versus quantity. Mark Twain probably said it best: “History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” And so we see the rise of vintage clothing and vintage-inspired reproductions on both the high street and couture runways, as a rhyme in our cultural prose. Vintage & Vogue is not just an ode to a previous era, it is a clothing store that brings a global and historical sophistication and perspective to our town, exposing us to the reason for fashion, the powerful means by which fashion operates, and how fashion reflects and manifests the human condition.

Vintage & Vogue, along with the Penticton Lakeside Resort, are hosting one of the most enduring, exclusive events of the year – THE WEDDING SHOW.  Bringing urban high culture and Euro chic, to the thought-think of our small town, the fashion show features a callback to the Edwardian and Victorian eras, the Trousseau epoch, and affectionately explores the world of bridal obsession. The spectacle transcends absolutely, so it’s easy to forget where one is, as an observer. Sitting in the dim of the audience, looking up on the bright expansive runway that serenades a train of glamorous, statuesque models, draped in the most exquisite, hand-picked vintage masterpieces, one can truly transpose. For a moment it’s Milan, and the socialites abound, searching for their winter wardrobe or the perfect wedding dress, or Paris, abuzz with top industry representatives, buyers, merchandisers and fashion journalists. And when it’s all over, you’ll want to hit the streets of New York for that dry martini and canapés, flashing your best smile while descending into cavalier conversation. Without having to travel half a world away, it’s easy to get what you want with Vintage & Vogue at the Penticton Lakeside Resort. So dress in your finest designer garb, dust off your grandmother’s coat and scarves, drape yourself in Aunt Betilda’s jewellery, wear your most obnoxiously high heels and English fascinator, and have your cosmo or crantini in hand, to enjoy the show. It may not be a total revolution, but it is its own sort of triumph, creating movement and change in Penticton today, to create movement and change somewhere else, tomorrow. Tickets sell out quick, so don’t delay. Prices are $20 or $35 for rushed or preferred seating and are available at the Penticton Lakeside Resort also at Vintage & Vogue, downtown Penticton. Enter to WIN a weekend getaway or a vintage brooch bouquet.  For more information call: 250-493-8221.

-Elizabeth Cucnik


Below is a clip from the Vintage & Vogue Spring Fashion Show, 2010



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