What does summer mean in a society full of deadlines, due dates, timelines and schedules?  In all our angst, have we forgotten the true meaning of Summer?  Summertime is nature’s parody of contentment and love, a reminder to return to the simple pleasures that bring forth great joy; it is a sigh of relief for those winter-born or winter-bound souls… summer is a relaxed idea without shape or form, a term without definition, a dear friend and a secret worth sharing.  Summertime is like a fuzzy vision of sedation, the blurriness one experiences before great clarity to which the spirit rejoices, the mind succumbs and the body rejuvenates.  Of course summer would not be summer without beaches, warmth, bodies of water, food and drink!  Yes, this is summertime folks – a season that transcends age, gender, occupancy, line of work, lifestyle, social standing – plucking us from our orbits to strip us bare from our titles, roles and responsibilities so we can simply enjoy ourselves as we are.  So if you want to truly experience true summer, there is nowhere else more true in the South Okanagan, than right here at the Penticton Lakeside Resort.  Our new private beach, adjacent to the Barking Parrot, offers sensational views of Lake Okanagan, while relaxing on our private loungers and chairs, sipping on one of our many refreshing blended or chilled alcoholic and nonalcoholic bevies and savouring each mouthful of full-flavored summer favourites off our beach menu.  This place is a hidden gem – the vertex point where summertime fuzziness meets clarity, and simple pleasures resurface an inner peace. Let’s face it, summer just wouldn’t be summer without an exclusive beach-side experience to serenade the sedentary essence of the sunny season, nor would summer be summer without the affection of an Okanagan sun to warm the chill of a lingering spring on the spirit.   Yes indeed, summer is truly summer here – the only place to experience the truth of what it means to truly let go and enjoy – without charade or invention.  So come and take a load off – forget the deadlines, the due dates, the timelines and the schedules.  Dare to leave your cell phone, your ipod, your ipad, your laptop, your “life” at home, in the car or the hotel room, and let us let go for you, if just for an afternoon!

-Elizabeth Cucnik