When The Canucks Win The Stanley Cup...

When the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, a historic moment will be made, one which will pump new life into the tiring heart of the Canucks fan.A new era will be born, and like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Canucks brand of past and present, will be reconciled by one great movement of triumph and glory - a movement championed by an army of hundreds of thousands, whose smiles, high-fives, cheers, hugs, laughter and bursts of joy will deafen the sports world momentarily.When the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, Vancouver will transcend into a utopian city-state of inner peace and splendour.It will become a place absent of feverish fan hunger and upset, a place where every supporter is satisfied with the sweet taste of victory; a haven of eternal sunshine upon the hearts of every Canuck patriot, every hockey enthusiast and a sanctuary for all those who seek refuge from the failings of alternative hockey teams.The Canucks’ colours of blue, green, silver and white will fly like a freedom flag over the Canuck capital, waving wildly in the fierce winds of achievement. When the Canucks win the Stanley Cup playoffs, it will mark the Golden Age for Vancouver ice hockey, upon which the Stanley Cup will become its beacon.When the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, everything will seize for just a moment, to pay homage to the impossible made possible.It will be our moment: to reflect upon our own greatness, to appreciate the weightlessness of a weighty conquest, to pledge allegiance to this holy empire - the Canucks franchise - in which every fan will bask in the light of these golden players, the gods of the hockey arena.When the Canucks win the Stanley Cup...

-Elizabeth Cucnik


Come Checkout Our Nesting Osprey!

There is nothing more dramatically beautiful then the raw vision of nature working within the parameters of its own perfection.  What better way to appreciate the great Canadian north, then to spend a moment gazing at the nesting osprey and their young as they charge through the air like lions of the sky, with their extensive intimidating two meter wing span, their fierce regal profiles, their hunting eyes, their cunning and clever movements of purpose.  The osprey has come to live seasonally once again at the nest we built and maintained, along the Okanagan Lake shoreline, which extends along the backside of our hotel, opposite the Barking Parrot Bar.   The tall impressive nesting structure stands as a testament to the osprey’s will and power, a signifier of strength and determination and it is here that they share with us a glimpse into their incredible life!  Osprey, also known as the sea hawk or fish eagle, is a diumal, a bird whose main diet staple is fish.  Their distinguishable markings make them easy to identify with a brown upper body, a primarily greyish head and under parts and a black patch around the eye and wings.   While the Osprey’s diet consist almost wholly of fish, it has developed particular physical characteristics and demonstrates unique behaviour to support in the hunting and catching of prey – a wonder of nature which you will be able to see from our restaurants and Lakeview rooms!  Our May Long Weekend patios are open and in full swing, a fabulous place to spend some time in the brilliant sunshine with a cold beverage and excellent food while observing these magnificent birds.  Watch as they hover majestically above the water after having sighted prey from up to forty meters above, upon which the bird will either dramatically plunge feet first into the water in an attempt to catch a fish with the severe clutch of its fierce talons, or it will dive gracefully into the water, its highly evolved closable nostrils designed to keep the water out.  The osprey is a celebrated bird which has been referenced throughout human history as a symbol of strength, honour and courage.  Upon watching them first hand, up close and personal, one can truly understand the allure these birds have had on humanity throughout the ages, and the strong pull they continue to have on us today.

- Elizabeth Cucnik

The Vancouver Canucks, Stanley Cup-Bound!?

This Stanley Cup Playoff season has been one of the most exciting hockey seasons to boot!The Canucks are playing an incredible game, seemingly charged with the same kind of fire that forged that Holy Grail of hockey – the Stanley Cup, back in 1893. They are in this to win this, and if they don’t go all the way, it will surely be one of the biggest disappointments of the year, not just for the Canucks fans, but for all of us Canadians who continue to cheer on the only remaining Canadian team in the Stanley Cup playoffs.Nevertheless, whatever the outcome of this year’s playoffs may be, it’s already been a fantastic year for the Canucks franchise.With each game surmounting roughly $3,000,000.00, this season has proved to be more than profitable for the entire Canucks brand, not to mention the assembly of a new world renowned standing to which the Canucks must now adhere to.With this newly acquired identification and appreciation come more responsibility, a greater fan base, more people to please, and a greater economy to fulfill.This is Vancouver’s second time in the spotlight following the Winter Olympics, and much like that nail-biting Olympic game between Canada and the United States; this year’s playoffs inspire similar edge-of-your-seat anticipation and action.It seems each game rides on the point of a knife, dire and fair-weather fans alike, following the game and the players as if they were family.For us British Columbians, and especially for Vancouver, the Canucks are kind of like family.Penticton has been a hockey hub for countless years, from our exceptional training camps and world renowned hockey school and hockey academy, we have harvested many professional hockey players worldwide who have gone on to enjoy fruitful careers in the NHL.Therefore, we too, as a community, have an invested interest in these players.Yet it’s not just the triumph or the wins that people like and want, it’s the journey in between those wins and the previous losses, it’s the milestones reached – the ultimate struggle to the top.The Canucks have bled and fought their way to their pinnacle, earning every success and every feat along the way.It’s been a long 16 year climb back up to the top again, from their near victories back in 1982 and 1994, and the Canucks seem like they are here to stay!This Sunday is Game 1 of the third series and the Canucks will be facing off to either the San Jose Sharks or the Detroit Redwings.Both the Sharks and the Redwings have been playing unbelievably fierce games, providing some of the most exhilarating hockey ever seen in the NHL.So if you have been following the latter series, you know that whoever takes the lead to face off against the Canucks on their home turf at Roger’s Arena in the next series will not make it an easy win for the Canadian team.These teams will fight with everything they’ve got.So don’t miss all the action as we stream live in HD at the Barking Parrot this Sunday at 5pm!!Join us for hot food and cold beer and cheer on our home team as they tough it out in the most thrilling hockey playoff season ever!
- Elizabeth Cucnik

The Critically Acclaimed Indie Rock Band, Mother Mother, To Play This Friday At The Barking Parrot!!

Mother Mother rock band

This Friday, May 6th, a critically acclaimed five-piece Canadian indie rock band, Mother Mother will be stopping by the Barking Parrot for a once in a lifetime opportunity to see them perform live!Mother Mother is not just your typical indie quintet; they are the new-age of avant-garde pop, explosively perceptive, with melodic songs and heart-rending lyrics that draw you into their unique sound. Signed to Last Gang Records, Mother Mother released their latest album, Eureka this past March to a wide audience nationwide.The Vancouver Province rated Mother Mother as one of the top five BC bands to watch for in 2007 and CBC has featured them several times as an up and coming group, nationally broadcasting their opening act for K’naan and the Wailin Jennys.They’ve performed at sold out concerts all across Canada, from the Vancouver International Jazz Festival to the Montreal International Jazz Festival, and all across the East and West coast of Canada, celebrating featured articles in the Toronto Star and having successas Single of the Week on iTunes.Mother Mother evokes a wide spectrum of emotion within – its easy listening on a dreamy hot summer’s day or a more serious proposition on a thought-provoking, cold wintery blustery December.Despite their abstract lyrics and titles, Mother Mother is anything but inaccessible.Eureka is an unconventional, hook laden pop-meets-rock album, chock full of catchy, upbeat, tenacious songs that you find yourself humming in the shower or in the car.However they are intertwined with subtle melodies and intricate harmonies that move in and out of a kind of reverie, providing fodder to chew in those quieter pensive moments.The male-female vocal blend, coupled with an interesting succession of drums, keyboard, bass and guitar, help to create Mother Mother’s overall exceptional sound, which is approachable, contemporary and cutting edge.This is a band for the next generation – a band to take notice of, and one to truly watch for, as they take the world by storm.Sold out this week at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, now they are coming to Penticton, and what better opportunity to see them live, then at the Barking Parrot – an intimate setting where you can interact with this iconic band up close and personal! So come out on Friday night and experience first-hand what everyone nationwide seems to be talking about!

Bacchanalia Wine Festival This Saturday, May 7th: Rated Number One Wine Festival Event in the Okanagan!

If you haven't yet attended the Bacchanalia Festival, allow us to summarize the scene: a glorious spring evening at the Penticton Lakeside Resort & exclusively dedicated to exquisite food, prepared by our Executive Chef, Chris Remmingtom and his culinary team, coupled with extraordinary wine tastings from 50 award winning wineries from across the Okanagan. The space is abuzz with locals, wine connoisseurs, world class vintners, wine critics, and those who simply come out to enjoy what they’ve always loved: a simple, uncomplicated glass of savoury goodness. Bacchanalia is a much anticipated, one-night-only event, featured at the centre of the Okanagan Spring Wine Festival. It echoes the historical wine festivals throughout the millennia, which traditionally celebrated the Greco-Roman god, Bacchus, and recalls the universal celebration of wine, while inspiring the senses and indulging in the flavours of the past present and future. The Bacchanalia Festival brings together the ancient art of winemaking and the spectacle of modern day wine in the world renown, prestigious Okanagan valley. Rated the number one wine festival event in the Okanagan by participating wineries, this is a one-off chance to test new products and try over 200 wines! The event begins at 7pm, this Saturday, May 7th. Tickets are $70 plus tax and sell out quickly. We hope to see you at the most iconic wine festival event of the year!

2011 Bacchanalia Wine Festival Banner