Is there anything more spectacular than sitting on a private beach with exclusive access to summer food favourites, cooling down with a freshly blended creamy pina colada or a refreshing mint-infused mohito, while indulging in a decadent display of gourmet nachos and wings? What about the simple pleasure of dining out on one of our three outdoor lakeside patios, enjoying a light snack or hearty feast with friends and family adjacent to some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery? There is a great depth of joy and peace found in the unadorned, for truly the greatest memories and the best moments are indeed the most simple and uncomplicated: a crisp glass of wine, the sounds of waves lapsing on a beach, sunshine on the face, the resonance of laughter and folly; long flaxen grasses swaying in a gentle breeze, rolling hills and extending snow-capped giants, brilliant horizons of crimson and gold, sparkling waters ablaze with movement and dance in the fire of a fading summer’s day; the framework of clay cliffs and ancient blundering bluffs, remnants of a glacial past, tumbling into the valley’s lakes like crumbling cathedrals.  The majestic splendour of such a divine panorama and humbling experience can be found right at our doorstep and can be enjoyed to the utmost, here at the Penticton Lakeside Resort.   A testament to man’s true nature – the “simply complex” serenades what pure joy can be found in the details of everything around you.  At the Penticton Lakeside Resort, we celebrate the simply complex, by providing you with everything deliciously simple yet sophisticated, intimate, soulful and truly inspiring.  Come and take pleasure in an afternoon at our private family beach, adjoining the Barking Parrot, where the beach bar services your every need with a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and hot and cold food served daily.Sit out on one of our patios, and take in the simple delight of an extravagant view, with complimentary savouries and cocktails, and let the magnificence and magnitude of the simply complex, inspire you.
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