This Stanley Cup Playoff season has been one of the most exciting hockey seasons to boot!The Canucks are playing an incredible game, seemingly charged with the same kind of fire that forged that Holy Grail of hockey – the Stanley Cup, back in 1893. They are in this to win this, and if they don’t go all the way, it will surely be one of the biggest disappointments of the year, not just for the Canucks fans, but for all of us Canadians who continue to cheer on the only remaining Canadian team in the Stanley Cup playoffs.Nevertheless, whatever the outcome of this year’s playoffs may be, it’s already been a fantastic year for the Canucks franchise.With each game surmounting roughly $3,000,000.00, this season has proved to be more than profitable for the entire Canucks brand, not to mention the assembly of a new world renowned standing to which the Canucks must now adhere to.With this newly acquired identification and appreciation come more responsibility, a greater fan base, more people to please, and a greater economy to fulfill.This is Vancouver’s second time in the spotlight following the Winter Olympics, and much like that nail-biting Olympic game between Canada and the United States; this year’s playoffs inspire similar edge-of-your-seat anticipation and action.It seems each game rides on the point of a knife, dire and fair-weather fans alike, following the game and the players as if they were family.For us British Columbians, and especially for Vancouver, the Canucks are kind of like family.Penticton has been a hockey hub for countless years, from our exceptional training camps and world renowned hockey school and hockey academy, we have harvested many professional hockey players worldwide who have gone on to enjoy fruitful careers in the NHL.Therefore, we too, as a community, have an invested interest in these players.Yet it’s not just the triumph or the wins that people like and want, it’s the journey in between those wins and the previous losses, it’s the milestones reached – the ultimate struggle to the top.The Canucks have bled and fought their way to their pinnacle, earning every success and every feat along the way.It’s been a long 16 year climb back up to the top again, from their near victories back in 1982 and 1994, and the Canucks seem like they are here to stay!This Sunday is Game 1 of the third series and the Canucks will be facing off to either the San Jose Sharks or the Detroit Redwings.Both the Sharks and the Redwings have been playing unbelievably fierce games, providing some of the most exhilarating hockey ever seen in the NHL.So if you have been following the latter series, you know that whoever takes the lead to face off against the Canucks on their home turf at Roger’s Arena in the next series will not make it an easy win for the Canadian team.These teams will fight with everything they’ve got.So don’t miss all the action as we stream live in HD at the Barking Parrot this Sunday at 5pm!!Join us for hot food and cold beer and cheer on our home team as they tough it out in the most thrilling hockey playoff season ever!
– Elizabeth Cucnik