When The Canucks Win The Stanley Cup…

When the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, a historic moment will be made, one which will pump new life into the tiring heart of the Canucks fan.A new era will be born, and like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Canucks brand of past and present, will be reconciled by one great movement of triumph and glory – a movement championed by an army of hundreds of thousands, whose smiles, high-fives, cheers, hugs, laughter and bursts of joy will deafen the sports world momentarily.When the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, Vancouver will transcend into a utopian city-state of inner peace and splendour.It will become a place absent of feverish fan hunger and upset, a place where every supporter is satisfied with the sweet taste of victory; a haven of eternal sunshine upon the hearts of every Canuck patriot, every hockey enthusiast and a sanctuary for all those who seek refuge from the failings of alternative hockey teams.The Canucks’ colours of blue, green, silver and white will fly like a freedom flag over the Canuck capital, waving wildly in the fierce winds of achievement. When the Canucks win the Stanley Cup playoffs, it will mark the Golden Age for Vancouver ice hockey, upon which the Stanley Cup will become its beacon.When the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, everything will seize for just a moment, to pay homage to the impossible made possible.It will be our moment: to reflect upon our own greatness, to appreciate the weightlessness of a weighty conquest, to pledge allegiance to this holy empire – the Canucks franchise – in which every fan will bask in the light of these golden players, the gods of the hockey arena.When the Canucks win the Stanley Cup…

-Elizabeth Cucnik


3 Responses to “When The Canucks Win The Stanley Cup…”

  1. Jane Ruffers

    Yes! I love this blog posting.  When the Canucks win the Stanley Cup everything will just come together. Great imagery and creativity.  The Stanley Cup is our beacon of light! I second that. Go Canucks Go!

  2. Monica O.

    I am so excited for this Stanley Cup!!  My adopted hometown of Vancouver playing against my current city of residence, Boston??  Fantastic!  Some people have asked me where my loyalties lie and who I will be rooting for.  I didn't even have to think before exclaiming, "Vancouver, of course!"  It would be much easier to do that from the Barking Parrot than from a sports bar in Boston, for sure.  Please cheer extra loud for me, in case fear for my life prevents me from cheering suitably loud for the Canucks.  :)  Go, Canucks!!

  3. Greg

    Our last great Canadian stand!!!  I'll be watching it at the Parrot!!! 

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