A Few Of Our Favourite Things...

What is it about the crispness of an early fall that is so sweet?  It stirs the senses and awakens a lively, festive spirit that makes us want to toast our full glasses, listen to our most quiet introspective thoughts, and draw in a deep breath of sensational feeling.  Harvests and holiday bring forth new found intimacies with family and friends and throw us into a luxurious exploration through scandalous foods and drinks.  As new winds blow through the valley, trumpeting the arrival of fresh tastes, affinities, instincts and desires - a symphony of fall flavours envelope us in a world of changing faces and shifting colours.  One can actually begin to taste the air full of spices - cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves... the bitter sweet aroma of fresh brewing coffee and stewing teas...  Yes, these long-awaited Indian summer days and nights give way to a tantalizing vision of a vibrant autumn scene: apple and pumpkin pies, crackling fires, the smell of burning leaves, the sound of rain, the first frost upon the grasses, cozy knitted fabrics, roasts and hearty stews, chili and corn bread smothered in honey, the glow of lamps through windows, scrabble and popcorn...

There are many autumn events to partake in right here in the South Okanagan, that simply frame the indulgences of the season.  The incredibly popular Annual Fall Okanagan Wine Festival, satisfies a more refined pallet during the first two weeks of October, as it remains the only festival in North America to celebrate during the heart of the harvest.  With such a diverse program featuring 165 events happening around the valley, from culinary seminars, to vineyard tours, outdoor lunches and dinners, music, and more, it is ten extraordinary days of cultural decadence.  For those of us whose interests amuse a sportier agenda, the Vancouver Canucks are set to host the Young Stars Tournament in Penticton for the second consecutive year. A round-robin tournament will feature prospects from the Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, San Jose Sharks and Winnipeg Jets from September 11th through to the 15th.
Whether you love the quiet reserve of a fall day, or the festive events it brings, there is so much to linger in and enjoy this season!

-Elizabeth Cucnik

Ironman Is Great Business For Business!

It's that time of year...when, after 29 years, Suburu Ironman Canada descends upon our town with a flush of fever and excitement, advancing its legacy as Penticton's leading tourism appeal. Myriad of emotions swell like a ripping current through the air. The whole region is abuzz with sensation. Like a receding tide of what's to come, the world seems to withdraw, awaiting the roaring rush of an exhale - when the simmering complex of anxiety, prospect, determination, dedication, struggle and perseverance, boils over to devour the senses and send everything spinning. Athletes and non-athletes alike, rejoice in the coming together of many different people, from many different walks of life, hailing from many different places worldwide. The business of Ironman is more than just an exciting race, it is a livelihood, an upsurge of energy, a spike in the local host economy, an accelerator of collective cooperation within the community... In not so many words, Ironman for Penticton, is what a ginseng shot does for a fatigued system. Yes, it's true, the spice of the late season has a biting affect on the spirit of any community - it's late summer - and we are full-bellied and dizzy from too much of everything - yet the Ironman defibrillator jump-starts a renewed enthusiasm back into the body of our general public. Everyone seems to benefit one way or another from the contingency of the franchise, like rain that gives life to earth, we can see a flowering of business all around - from our petrol stations, to the full occupancy in our hotels and restaurants, to the queues at our local cafes and ice cream parlors; from the merchandise purchased at our local boutiques, to the pounds of fresh organic produce bought at our roadside fruit stands and markets - during Ironman week, the South Okanagan sees a short-lived revival of all the summer's glory packed into one full jaunt of exhilaration and excitement! A recent study looked at the economic impact of Suburu Ironman Canada on Penticton's local economy, which revealed that from 2004, the estimated revenue is believed to be around $12.5 million. With each Ironman participant bringing with them, on average, three and a half guests, and staying roughly seven days, this sudden swell of a visiting populous, one third the size of Penticton's overall population, has undoubtedly a lasting affect on our community's socioeconomic landscape. It not only stimulates local tourism and business - but reshapes, molds and creates an affirming, outwardly projected vibe and energy about our town that is carried forth into a greater, worldwide consciousness. Therefore it's safe to say Suburu Ironman Canada, as a franchise, is not only one of the most iconic events in the South Okanagan, but is the fire engine to our local economy. While athletes from all around the world come together to compete in one of the toughest, most grueling international races, we, Pentictonites, not only get the chance to showcase the true quality of our lifestyle on the world's stage, but we also get to partake and contribute to this unbelievably unique experience, which only such spectacles as the Suburu Ironman Canada can truly produce!

-Elizabeth Cucnik

What Does A True Summer Make?

What does summer mean in a society full of deadlines, due dates, timelines and schedules?  In all our angst, have we forgotten the true meaning of Summer?  Summertime is nature's parody of contentment and love, a reminder to return to the simple pleasures that bring forth great joy; it is a sigh of relief for those winter-born or winter-bound souls... summer is a relaxed idea without shape or form, a term without definition, a dear friend and a secret worth sharing.  Summertime is like a fuzzy vision of sedation, the blurriness one experiences before great clarity to which the spirit rejoices, the mind succumbs and the body rejuvenates.  Of course summer would not be summer without beaches, warmth, bodies of water, food and drink!  Yes, this is summertime folks - a season that transcends age, gender, occupancy, line of work, lifestyle, social standing - plucking us from our orbits to strip us bare from our titles, roles and responsibilities so we can simply enjoy ourselves as we are.  So if you want to truly experience true summer, there is nowhere else more true in the South Okanagan, than right here at the Penticton Lakeside Resort.  Our new private beach, adjacent to the Barking Parrot, offers sensational views of Lake Okanagan, while relaxing on our private loungers and chairs, sipping on one of our many refreshing blended or chilled alcoholic and nonalcoholic bevies and savouring each mouthful of full-flavored summer favourites off our beach menu.  This place is a hidden gem - the vertex point where summertime fuzziness meets clarity, and simple pleasures resurface an inner peace. Let's face it, summer just wouldn't be summer without an exclusive beach-side experience to serenade the sedentary essence of the sunny season, nor would summer be summer without the affection of an Okanagan sun to warm the chill of a lingering spring on the spirit.   Yes indeed, summer is truly summer here - the only place to experience the truth of what it means to truly let go and enjoy - without charade or invention.  So come and take a load off - forget the deadlines, the due dates, the timelines and the schedules.  Dare to leave your cell phone, your ipod, your ipad, your laptop, your "life" at home, in the car or the hotel room, and let us let go for you, if just for an afternoon!

-Elizabeth Cucnik


Peachfest This Weekend, All Weekend!

Just in time to restore our faith in those renowned hot South Okanagan summers, the heat wave has finally returned along with the much anticipated, annual Penticton Peach Festival (Peachfest) - a summer must-see-and-do!  People travel from all over to share in five days of free family fun, in one of the most celebrated, hip, scenic, happening places in Canada!  Peachfest runs from August 3rd to 7th, with the main stage and vendors located at Okanagan Lake Park and the Aboriginal Cultural Village held in Gyro Park on Friday and Satuday, either adjacent to or right across from the Penticton Lakeside Resort !  We are at the heart of it all this sunny season, the cultural hub of Penticton's renowned summer festivals, with everything right here to cater to your every need while you indulge in the lively festivities.

Come and enjoy a scrumptuous breakfast on our incredible wrap-around patio at the Hooded Merganser, the only restaurant in the Okanagan located directly on Okanagan Lake, with a 180 degree, panoramic view of the lake, beaches and sweeping valley, before heading out to catch all the live acts and music right at our doorstep.  From childhood favourites and celebs like Charlotte Diamond and American Idol Season 5 runner-up Jaydee Bixby, to African Drum and Dance, traditional Ukrainian folk dancing, hip hop and more, with Hypnotists and renowned country singers and tribute artists from ACDC to KISS, the Penticton Peach Festival has a little bit of everything for everyone.  As the day fades into twilight, take a break and relax on our lakefront patio at the Bufflehead Tapas and Pasta Room.  Our own live entertainment will take you away for an intimate evening of fabulous Mediterreanean-inspired cuisine paired with an extensive selection of local wines, serenaded by a warm midsummer's breeze rolling gently of the edge of the extending lake that mirrors an evening sky ablaze in sunset.  It is a vision to behold and an evening you will never forget.  So strap on your sandels, grab those shades, slather on the SPF and get those taste-buds screaming for some refreshing drinks, warm tasty snacks, and sizzling summer favorites served up just the way you like it at any of our three restaurants and patios!  Come and check us out anytime day and night, while indulging in a decadent weekend of music, dance, art, history and culture!  We look forward to seeing you here, at the heart of Canada's summer capital.

-Elizabeth Cucnik


South Okanagan Gems...

The South Okanagan is a true summer sanctuary, world renowned and matchless in its unfeigned diversities, its expanding panorama, natural resources and organic produce. It is a place of refuge for those seeking glory in sunshine, courage in untapped beauty, lightness of heart in the buoyancy of our fresh waters, and hearty satisfaction spirited by an ingenuous way of life. The roads leading to and from this oasis are speckled with an array of homespun family markets, where fresh fruits and legumes, direct from the field to your hands, are a triumph of everything wholesome. Like a glass of carefully cultivated wine that compels the harmonious blend of science and art, each bite transcends, as if one can close one’s eyes to imagine the fields where the fruits and vegetables grew; feel the integrity and graciousness of sun and rain upon one’s face and taste, in the fullness of flavour, the richness of the earth out of which they grew. The South Okanagan is mother to many such organic produce, with an ideal balance of seasonal climate and geography, it produces a variety of cherries, (the first fruit in season), followed soon after by peaches and apricots, and then apples, pears, and plums, harvested nearer to the end of August and through September. From the dark bold crimson stain upon our lips, to the sweet sticky nectar on our hands and faces, the almond shaped pits of the stone fruits of the South Okanagan litter the ground in a festive array of summer decadence – reminding us of perfection in simplicity and the appetite of our souls. These yielding fruits make for a plethora of scrumptious summer recipes, from delicious desserts, jams, jellies, preserves, canned peaches, pears, cherries and apricots and fresh fruit salads, (to simply name a few).

Among the extending orchards and vineyards, which seem to ebb and flow along the uneven crown of clay bluffs like the ocean tide, there is a summer retreat one must visit while in the South Okanagan. Summerland’s historic Ornamental Gardens, across from Sun-Oka Beach, off Highway 97, is open daily to the public, and is the perfect outing for a picnic, a shady stroll through parklands, or a stimulating jaunt along the many nature trails. The space commands such scenic splendor, filled with floral mosaics, decorative gardens, grassy knolls, and stunning views of Lake Okanagan. The many trails circumvent the extensive property and lead to the historic Summerland trestle, (across from which is the famed “Summerland Sweets”). Situated adjacent to the Pacific Agri-food Research Centre, and owned and operated by Agriculture Canada, the 320 hectare site was established in 1914 and is celebrated for its research programs designed to serve the tree fruit, grape and the local and national food processing industries. The three principal areas of expertise at the Centre are Food Science, Horticulture and Environment, and Biotechnology. While the Pacific Agri-food Research Centre is a world leader in food processing technology and tree fruit research and development, it continues to supply a wealth of knowledge, skill and technology to the Okanagan’s organic food industry. Of the many different plant and flower species you will see in bloom, there are several varieties of the Prickly Pear, the Blue Hill Flowering Sage, Green Lavender Cotton, Wormwood, Bluebells, Shasta Daisies, Sunflowers, Hydrangeas, Lilies, and Roses, to name but a few. The gardens are open to visitors from 8 am to 8pm, and admission is free. You can visit their website for more information on tours and bookings at: https://www.summerlandornamentalgardens.org/

The South Okanagan is a legendary landscape full of wonder, obscurity, majestic splendour and an enduring spirit that echoes its ancient histories and epochs. Standing amidst the orchards and vineyards, to look upon the sparkling waters below that seem to glide along the valley floor, it’s easy to envision eternity - for such beauty has no beginning nor end – it is continuous and everlasting.

The X-Files Of The South Okanagan

The invoking, alien landscape of White Lake, just beyond our quaint, outwardly undisturbed, unassuming borders of Penticton, echoes a dark, unnamed, indefinite mystery. It is, regardless of what people say and what it is “deemed to be”, deeply mysterious and truly alien – a befitting sentiment for the centre of Canada’s astrophysical research and development. Masquerading as an inconspicuous scientific place of study and observation, (Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory) there nevertheless lurks an undertone of intrigue and clandestine – as if the place and landscape itself, has furtively locked within it, universal secrets of the unknown: perhaps an untold tale of alien visitations, or alien investigations... The space invokes thrilling imagery of brilliant flashing lights, spherical, metallic, opaque intergalactic spacecraft and alien technologies beyond the scope of our intellectual consciousness. In fact, the extending space literally screams everything “alien”, making you want to take that second backwards glance, that sideways glimpse, or that gaze upon the horizon –as if there are eyes at your back, watching your every step. You couldn’t whisper soft enough in a space like that. Everything seems to have ears that can hear even one’s most subtle thoughts, and the overwhelming silence of the space only makes your beating heart grow louder. The stretching columns of thousands of wooden poles, spatially separated by several meters of connecting wires, summons a stirring image of docking stations for alien spaceships, and the austere, almost decrepit looking rusting telescopes, unevenly placed along a running track, pointing purposefully upward toward the outward abyss of blue, black and beyond, give the place a deserted, sort of haunting feel. The dusty path leading into the research facility is a call back to those dated horror and sci fi films involving desert landscapes, alien creatures and deserted towns. It winds discreetly around a square, unadorned brick building with narrow, blacked out windows – the refrigerated laboratory for alien dissection, and circles around a compound of severe buildings, undetectable and impenetrable, no doubt a centre for harbouring the enthralling secrets of the stars. Area 51 may have world renowned recognition, but what many do not know is that the Okanagan harbours its own mysterious region of alien activity, right in the heart of the Osoyoos Desert, among a parade of sage, tumbleweed, and dry salt beds. White Lake is nothing short of mysterious, and if you dare take a moment to look out among the army of wooden poles, and stand amidst the array of telescopes, or walk along that dusty path adjoining the various sobering and unsolvable buildings of that small unremarkable compound, you may just come to feel the same undetectable eyes upon you, the same impregnating feeling of alien energy, or you may just see an alien visitor yourself!

Is There Anything More Spectacular...!?

Is there anything more spectacular than sitting on a private beach with exclusive access to summer food favourites, cooling down with a freshly blended creamy pina colada or a refreshing mint-infused mohito, while indulging in a decadent display of gourmet nachos and wings? What about the simple pleasure of dining out on one of our three outdoor lakeside patios, enjoying a light snack or hearty feast with friends and family adjacent to some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery? There is a great depth of joy and peace found in the unadorned, for truly the greatest memories and the best moments are indeed the most simple and uncomplicated: a crisp glass of wine, the sounds of waves lapsing on a beach, sunshine on the face, the resonance of laughter and folly; long flaxen grasses swaying in a gentle breeze, rolling hills and extending snow-capped giants, brilliant horizons of crimson and gold, sparkling waters ablaze with movement and dance in the fire of a fading summer’s day; the framework of clay cliffs and ancient blundering bluffs, remnants of a glacial past, tumbling into the valley’s lakes like crumbling cathedrals.  The majestic splendour of such a divine panorama and humbling experience can be found right at our doorstep and can be enjoyed to the utmost, here at the Penticton Lakeside Resort.   A testament to man’s true nature – the “simply complex” serenades what pure joy can be found in the details of everything around you.  At the Penticton Lakeside Resort, we celebrate the simply complex, by providing you with everything deliciously simple yet sophisticated, intimate, soulful and truly inspiring.  Come and take pleasure in an afternoon at our private family beach, adjoining the Barking Parrot, where the beach bar services your every need with a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and hot and cold food served daily.Sit out on one of our patios, and take in the simple delight of an extravagant view, with complimentary savouries and cocktails, and let the magnificence and magnitude of the simply complex, inspire you.
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Peach City Beach Cruise & Elvis Festival Coming To Penticton!

Imagine: brilliant golden sunshine, a lingering day stretching into twilight, the clinking of cold drinks, chilled white wine and fresh fruit, the crunch of something delicious, the sweet smell of summer grilling, short sleeve shirts and sandals, an unparalleled panoramic view of Lake Okanagan and one of the most breathtaking, sensational places in the world... What better way to spend a dazzling warm summer weekend, then right here at the Penticton Lakeside Resort ! With the absolute best location in the Okanagan bar none, take your pick from any of our three remarkable patio locations at The Barking Parrot Bar, The Hooded Merganser Restaurant, and The Bufflehead Pasta and Tapas Room. Situated in the heart of Penticton’s cultural centre, we are right smack dab in the middle of all the action and adjacent to two of the best summer kick-off events in the valley: Canada’s premier family oriented road, antique and classic car show – The Penticton Peach City Beach Cruise, and one of the largest Elvis Festivals in Canada – the 10th Annual Penticton Elvis Festival. Both events warrant the ultimate family weekend,with live outdoor entertainment from favourite show stopping acts as, The Blues Brothers, to free music concerts featuring all your favourite classic country rock songs by tribute artists from Johnny Cash to Allan Jackson. The three day event runs June 24, 25 and 26, so start your day early and fuel up with a scrumptious breakfast at the Hooded Merganser before heading out to view the 700+ cars lined up along the sandy beach of Okanagan Lake. Stop by and have a midday snack and cold refreshing drink out on the Barking Parrot Patio while continuing on with an eventful day. Enjoy a beautiful night out on the town, with dinner at The Bufflehead Tapas and Pasta Room, prior to catching one of the live outdoor entertainment shows by one of the many Elvis tribute artists from around the world, including Shawn Klush, the world’s first “Ultimate Elvis Champion,” who has been busy touring worldwide to sold out shows. Both events are lot of fun and nobody goes home disappointed. To find out more about tickets, event details and schedules go to the following websites:



Fathers Day Extravaganza at the Penticton Lakeside Resort

Fathers are incredibly special.They are that thundering voice of strength and endurance echoing from the deep, the infrastructure of our families, the directional maps of our lives.Fathers are the wisdom that breathes fire into our hearts to quicken our step.Fathers propel us forward into battle, reinforcing our armour, standing with us, side by side, to bear arms together against humanity’s greatest struggles and fears.Fathers do not tell us how to live, they simply show us, an understanding worth more than the sum education of a thousand teachers. Fatherhood transcends prejudices, beliefs, culture and time – it is universal and unfailing. A renowned perennial truth championed by many throughout the ages, is that flesh and blood does not make us fathers and daughters or fathers and sons, rather it is the heart that truly defines fatherhood.

What better way to celebrate and honour the profound paternal bonds of fatherhood and the great influence of father figures in today’s society, then by spending quality time with your special loved one at our BBQ buffet dinner on the Bufflehead beach and patio! It’s a Father’s Day extravaganza happening at The Penticton Lakeside Resort Sunday, June 19th - an event you won’t want to miss!Our BBQ buffet dinner includes your choice of a salmon, steak or chicken burger with a salad bar selection and deserts for only $21 plus tax.Unwind and enjoy the beautiful setting of Lake Okanagan while joining in the fun and games with putting green contests and lots of different prizes to be won, including a luxurious backyard hammock - the perfect gift for your dad that will cater to those lazy summer afternoons and evenings.Families can relax and play on the beach, so bring your bathing suits! Reservations are going quickly, so call us at: 250-493-9768 after 4pm to make yours today!

When The Canucks Win The Stanley Cup...

When the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, a historic moment will be made, one which will pump new life into the tiring heart of the Canucks fan.A new era will be born, and like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Canucks brand of past and present, will be reconciled by one great movement of triumph and glory - a movement championed by an army of hundreds of thousands, whose smiles, high-fives, cheers, hugs, laughter and bursts of joy will deafen the sports world momentarily.When the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, Vancouver will transcend into a utopian city-state of inner peace and splendour.It will become a place absent of feverish fan hunger and upset, a place where every supporter is satisfied with the sweet taste of victory; a haven of eternal sunshine upon the hearts of every Canuck patriot, every hockey enthusiast and a sanctuary for all those who seek refuge from the failings of alternative hockey teams.The Canucks’ colours of blue, green, silver and white will fly like a freedom flag over the Canuck capital, waving wildly in the fierce winds of achievement. When the Canucks win the Stanley Cup playoffs, it will mark the Golden Age for Vancouver ice hockey, upon which the Stanley Cup will become its beacon.When the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, everything will seize for just a moment, to pay homage to the impossible made possible.It will be our moment: to reflect upon our own greatness, to appreciate the weightlessness of a weighty conquest, to pledge allegiance to this holy empire - the Canucks franchise - in which every fan will bask in the light of these golden players, the gods of the hockey arena.When the Canucks win the Stanley Cup...

-Elizabeth Cucnik